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A contemporary space of cultural fusion

The MUNTU project is a collaborative initiative seeking to promote African contemporary thinking through Arts and Cutlure.

The project aims at connecting those inspired by contemporary design, located in Europe and beyond, with designers from the African continent in order to:

  • Preserve traditional African talent and skills
  • Support entrepreneurship and the (re)use of Africa’s industrial fabric
  • Strengthen the exposure of African brands to European markets
  • Support community actions for Africa
  • Promote diversity and the mix of cultures
  • Promote African values and culture (society, creativity, simplicity, resilience etc)
  • Change views on commercial trade and developmental aid with Africa

Join the community and share MUNTU’s values

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Sabar from Senegal

Sabar is the generic term for both the dance event, the drum and the dance. Sabar finds its origins in Wolof culture but with the spread of the Wolof language and culture, most of Senegal embraced sabar.

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Muntu World Blog

MUNTU blog – une vitrine de l’Afrique et de son activité, un miroir de ce réservoir de créativité ; un lieu de brassage des initiatives, …

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A different view of the African Economy…

In an increasingly global economic context with our western shops containing products derived from all across the world, the inexistence of products ‘Made in Africa’ is somewhat surprising because, of course, these products exist, are developing and are sought after across the world for their creativity and their capacity to respond to modern life.

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